Magic: the gathring Korea

소비자가45,000₩   →   판매가격30,000₩
구입가능 수량4개
제품 설명

Unsanctioned contains five combinable 30-card, silver-bordered decks for wacky Un- fun.

The set contains sixteen brand-new Un- cards to trip your Un- trigger, plus the reprinting of beloved Un- cards from previous Un- sets. It's unbelievable!

Unsanctioned also comes with new full-art black-bordered basic lands that will do the Un- line proud—with a new Un- style and new art. Regular, gorgeous art.

Each copy of Unsanctioned contains the following:

-5 30-card decks
-2 six-sided dice
-10 double-sided tokens
-10 full-art basic lands (5 regular, 5 premium)
-1 reusable box