Magic: the gathring Korea
Set Strixhaven Mystical Archive
Type Sorcery

Until end of turn, any time you could activate a mana ability, you may pay 1 life. If you do, add to your mana pool.

Flavor “As long as you are breathing, you always have something more to give.” —Valentin, Witherbloom dean
No. 50
Illust Kristina Collantes
4th Edition (Uncommon)
From the Vault: Exiled (Mythic Rare)
Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Limited Edition Beta (Uncommon)
Revised Edition (Uncommon)
Unlimited Edition (Uncommon)
Iconic Masters (Mythic Rare)
Strixhaven Mystical Archive (Mythic Rare)
Strixhaven Mystical Archive JPN (Mythic Rare)
Strixhaven Mystical Archive JPN (Mythic Rare)
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NORMAL 800₩    FOIL 2,000₩
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